Great Lengths


Great Lengths

Great Lengths was born in London, England by David Gold and is today the largest hair extension company in the world encompassing approximately 36,000 salons in over 64 countries worldwide. David Gold the founder and president of Great Lengths, made his mark in the fashion and textile industries by inventing a progressive heat transfer system that bonds fabric to fabric on a molecular level. His biggest breakthrough was in the stocking market, where David developed a system to attach rhinestones to delicate fabric using ultrasound – a method used and patented in Great lengths extensions today. Valentino, Harvey Nichols and Pretty Polly are just some of the fashion industry’s leading suppliers who placed millions of orders with David, and even Princess Diana was one of the most prolific advocates of David’s pioneering stockings.

In 1989, David was in a salon and witnessed a lady hand over an substantial amount of money for hair extensions that he believed to be badly done, took far too long to apply and used low-grade, poor quality hair. This motivated him to create and patent a system that molecularly bonded extensions to natural hair with a keratin polymer bond that mimicked human hair. “I called upon my textile experience,” said David who launched Great lengths back in 1992 in London England, “because hair itself is a fabric!”

While still working with textiles and in particular cashmere, David also came across a process by which pigments are gently removed from cashmere without the use of harmful chemicals. “I was driven to create something that works and respected the structure of the hair,” says David. “I also wanted to create a service that was as straightforward and wearable as a cut and colour.” In such a specialized manner, fine quality cashmere first has its natural pigments removed and then is re-dyed. David adapted this process to human hair. This allows for incredibly healthy hair extensions in a wide range of rich and vibrant colours.

All this research resulted in an extremely versatile, exceptionally safe and virtually invisible system. The biggest breakthrough, however, is the quality of each application surpasses and outlasts every other hair extension product available today.

In 1991, when he had developed and patented the Great Lengths principle, he had simultaneously invented a new approach for adding thickness and volume to thin, fine hair in a very simple way. For the first time David Gold could offer hair extensions that could add thickness and length in one system. Great Lengths had become a sign of our times: men - and particularly women, had begun to recognize the need and preference for non-aggressive, technical solutions and natural products.

Great Lengths has been one step ahead from the start: no other system has developed a comparable non-compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer's own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used. Great Lengths is the leader in the worldwide market of bonded hair extensions. This reputation is largely built upon the depth of extensive product R&D, the sourcing of the highest quality hair on the market and the patented keratin bond by David Gold.

With more than twenty years of experience and a product portfolio to rival others, Great Lengths hit the Irish Market in 2011 with David Gold’s sister, Katie-Jane Gold taking the reins. Katie-Jane is the C.E.O of Great Lengths Ireland under Katie-Jane Gold enterprises. “Many a time when I would be in my brother David’s house in Rome he would get a phone call from one of the worlds top celebrities, like Whitney Houston or Lisa Marie Presley’s agent looking for hair extensions immediately! It was very exciting at the time!” Says Katie-Jane.

Here in Ireland... we believe we offer the most superior brand of hair extensions; that are 100% ethical, 100% traceable and the most versatile for your creativity. We have no doubt that very soon you will be as passionate about Great Lengths as we are!