bumble and bumble


bumble and bumble

We're often asked about the origins of Bumble and bumble - not just about the peculiar name, but also of the company's history and evolution.

We began as a small, unknown salon, launched in a city of hairdressing legends, but we knew our success depended on the ability to offer something new. We wanted to give hairdressers and clients what they couldn't find elsewhere - a salon that fostered innovation and growth, which would evolve with changing times.

It was more atelier than salon. Stylists from around the world came to work, learn and teach techniques to their fellow stylists. Clients traveled vast distances to undergo the makeovers for which we were becoming famous. Our stylists' photo shoot experiences began trickling into their work at the salon and had them cutting and styling in new and exciting ways. Soon after, we insisted that all Bb stylists did editorial work, so they too could experiment and grow. We began training sessions in cutting, coloring and styling and vowed to make education a cornerstone of the company's future. The culture of creative interchange was vibrant, progressive and kept us fresh and new.

We started making our own products because we were never happy with what was available. The goal was to develop products, which didn't exist at the time, that hairdressers could use editorially - ones that could be mixed and layered to produce a broad range of effects. At first, the products were for our own use; but we soon began selling them to other select salons whose stylists were truly engaged in the work - who had respect for the craft and who aspired to excellence in hairdressing.

Today, that group is the Bumble and bumble Network - a collective of independent salons and stores that sell our products and share our vision. The members of the Network attend Bumble and bumble University (Bb.U), an institute for higher learning. We think of it as a center for the art and commerce of hairdressing culture. Here, we train Network stylists in cutting, coloring, styling and product application, and have expanded our curriculum to share business strategies with Network salon owners. Still, the role of teacher allows us to grow, hone our techniques, share ideas and remain on the cutting-edge.

Our two salons in New York are still the ultimate training ground. We stress creativity to our stylists and train them to design looks to suit the individual (instead of giving every client the haircut-of-the-month). We cut with a variety of tools and choose the best one for the task - straight razors, scissors, thinning shears and clippers, all allow us to work innovatively within a broad spectrum of textures and shapes. And while we never like to dictate, we do encourage our clients to consider each appointment a chance to not just update, but to get excited about their hair and consider new possibilities.

For inspiration, we still look to trends in fashion (and create quite a few ourselves). The work our salon stylists and editorial team do at the salon and on the runway continues to serve as inspiration for our renowned line of products, which are created and tested in our laboratories, and coveted by session stylists, actors, models, fashionistas and beauty junkies worldwide. We have a staff of designers, which ensures that every poster, postcard, bottle and letter is worthy of the Bb. mark. We employ publicists, product developers, business strategists, photographers, sales people, educators and marketers who make our culture - and our company - original and inventive. And we hope it rubs off on our clients. While we strive to make every appointment a transformative experience, we promise to offer inspiration and creativity, at the very least...

Which brings us to the name, Bumble and bumble - which has raised a lot of questions (and eyebrows) over the years. You see, we never wanted to be a fad; we always planned to be around for a very long time. And, while the actual origin of the name is not so relevant today, what it stands for is timeless.

Bumble and bumble.